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Methods of Tax Payment

○Over-the-counter payment

○Pay-easy payment

●ATM with pay-easy (Pay-easy) logo at financial institutions and post offices, Internet banking and mobile banking

○Payment by credit card via personal computer (PC) or mobile (cell) telephone

○Payment by account transfer

Automatic deduction is a convenient way to automatically pay the tax from ordinary or savings accounts on the payment due date.

●Metropolitan taxes eligible for automatic deduction

※These taxes are assessed on assets located in the 23 special wards only. Taxes imposed on a periodical basis are excluded.

●Financial institutions handling account transfer

Financial institutions in Tokyo handling receipts (Some financial institutions do not handle Metropolitan tax payment.)

●How to Apply (Choose one of the following methods)

●Application Deadline

Application shall be made by the 10th day of one month prior to the month to start of payment by account transfer. Where the application deadline falls on Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the deadline is the next business day. If the payment deadline will be in the same month with application, application shall be made by the 10th of two months before the start of payment by account transfer.

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